DIEMconsulting Ltd is an SME that has been winning business from large organisations for fifteen years. We have brought together our knowledge and experience  to create an intensive and interactive six-day programme to help the owners and managers of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to learn and practice business idea and management techniques to compete with and win business from large organisations.

The programme, which can be taken as individual workshops or as an integrated whole, incorporates interactive learning, and practical experience of applying the techniques to your own business.

The full programme lasts six days, and covers the following topics:

Selling to blue-chip clients (10th and 11th Jan)- Big firms benefit from economies of scale – SMEs benefit from ‘economies of size’. In this workshop you will learn how to leverage economies of size, particularly how to spot when you have an opportunity, when not to waste your time, and how to store up goodwill with potential clients even when you lose out to a bigger competitor.

Understanding your competitors (17th and 18th Jan)- When you are in the midst of running your business it is easy to miss the changes and trends in your industry and what your competitors are doing. This workshop allows you to explore, and test out, some techniques to help you “…know what you don’t know…” so that you can better plan how to cope with, or exploit, these changes.

Focusing your time and resources (24th and 25th Jan)- Ironically, many SMEs fail because they have grown too fast – they fail to focus and waste money doing too many things. This workshop helps you to apply three techniques to decide where to focus your time and resources, and to gain stakeholder buy-in to this decision to ensure your decisions are fully implemented.

Standing out from competitors (31st Jan and 1st Feb)- The second most-common reason SMEs fail is that they do not differentiate from their competitors or they do not market their USP effectively. In this workshop you will find out the options for differentiating from your competitors, how to come up with the best tactics to compete, and how to define your marketing to win business.

Growing sales through agile innovation (7th and 8th Feb)- Innovation is one of the few areas where SMEs can compete and win against the big firms. But the opportunities to do this are fleeting. In this workshop you will be exposed to new thinking that combines the ‘agile’ concept with innovation to drive business development and growth. You will also get a chance to apply these idea to your business.

Growing sales through telling your story (13th and 15th Feb)- The story behind an SME is a key asset, but also one which is often under-used. This workshop will help you identify your high-impact stories, define your key messages and guide you to think strategically about how these stories can support your business development and communication goals.

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