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While large organisations have a wealth of resources, for charities every hour or £ spent is scarce. We seek to help managers, executive teams and boards make and, most importantly, implement key decisions. By leveraging the techniques that corporates use to stay competitive, we can help charities enhance their long-term performance.

Making your story work

Building your pipeline

Reaching the next level

Making your story work

Many charities fail because they do not make full use of their major asset… their successes. We will help you:

  • Understand the feedback-loop connecting past successes and future growth
  • Use this to focus your activities
  • Identify your stories to support the communication of your plans and strategies to your stakeholders

Building your pipeline

Charities often miss out on the benefits that standard business practices can bring. We will help you:

  • Turn your story into a clear proposition and Unique Funding Point (UFP)
  • Set realistic and measurable targets against your plan
  • Understand how to manage your funding and resource pipelines

Reaching the next level

‘Having’ skills and knowledge is not enough. Successful delivery depends on applying, reviewing, and honing them, so you can go forward. To help you make measurable, early progress, we will work with you to:

  • Formulate a strategic plan to ensure resources are focused on the key activities
  • Implement a pipeline development process for efficiently fund-raising
  • Monitor, review and advise on progress against the plan, and the running of the processes


We know that every organisation faces different decisions, that’s why our workshops are unique to you, bringing together stakeholders involved in the decision process.


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