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The Challenge

The challenges of modern life are not only increasing but they are changing more quickly. That means executives and managers at every level have to make more decisions – on choices, priorities, and plans – more frequently, often more quickly, and usually with less-than-complete knowledge. With a large organisation you can add the fact that divisions in responsibility between different departments means everyone may have a different view of the truth (the ‘Blind men and the Elephant’ problem).

Our Approach

Our approach involves developing a visual representation of the organisation, business landscape or problem-space, based on research. We then conduct small-group interviews with stakeholders where, using the visual representation, we draw out and capture their experiences as a group. From this we can then apply a range of bespoke and standard analytical techniques including dynamic systems-models, network analysis, or matrix analysis (e.g. the Boston or GE-McKinsey matrices) to model and present the costs and benefits of different options.

Using this approach, we have helped clients in a range of sectors to explore complex problems, leverage the knowledge and experience of their stakeholders, and discover shared-decisions to address them.

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