DIEM has been built around three core principles


A good decision is one that is successfully implemented to provide actual benefit, not just one that is theoretically ideal.


In today’s complex world successful implementation needs the buy-in and commitment of all stakeholders.


The best way of winning buy-in and commitment is to show stakeholders that their experiences have been a key part of the decision process.

Our Principles

The knowledge, experience, and commitment of stakeholders is often an underused asset. We help our clients leverage this stakeholder asset through the use of a range of visual engagements techniques. These allow us to capture and share stakeholders’ collective experiences. And then, by using visual analysis tools to explore how these experiences relate to different options, we help our clients and their stakeholders discover the decision that they can agree offers the best outcome.

Helping the stakeholder discover this ‘shared decision’ maximises buy-in and commitment, which maximises implementation, which means practical benefit is realised. Since 2002 the types of decisions we have applied our techniques to stretch from choosing between strategic options and prioritising investments in technology, to developing operational planning tools.

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