Our History


DIEMconsulting Ltd founded to combine operational analysis and simulation techniques with strategy tools and frameworks


Working with boutique investment bank FOR Securities, developed a system-dynamics model of the DRAM industry, successfully predicting fluctuations in capacity, pricing, and market share over several years, to guide investment decisions


Conducted the first of a series of studies with the UK MOD. Working with QinetiQ, developed the use of causal maps in small-group interviews with stakeholders, to capture their experiences, and from these build models to conduct ‘what if’ analysis to guide investment decisions


Working with Roke Manor Research, and building on the Boyd-cycle (aka OODA loop) and the work of Gary Klein, developed causal maps and system-dynamics models of how the flow of information affects decision-making in time-critical situations


Developed the portfolio strategy of a leading credit-rating agency using an adaptation of the ‘Directional Policy Matrix’ technique to include corporate risk measures


Through interviews with a range of experts and practitioners, developed a map of the end-to-end supply chain for a major global transport organisation. Conducted a study into the opportunities associated with ID-cards in the UK for ID verification companies


Advised major government department on the business case for a £400m communications system. Key note speaker at the AIRMIC Conference, Edinburgh.
‘Talking the Talk’ published in Risk Management Magazine, Risk and Insurance Management Society


For Department of Innovation Universities and Science updated the ‘Dimensions of Uncertainty’ compendium covering issues as diverse as ‘Balance of Power and Governance’, ‘Security’, ‘Climate Change’, ‘Value and Beliefs’ etc to inform government policy making


Conducted a study into the future Command and Communication requirements for police and emergency services in a major incident. Planned and conducted trials on options for improved communications in


Led the development and delivery of a study to develop the priorities for a research programme into UK Demographics Futures for the department of Business Innovation and Science. The core part of the study involved workshops where academics and policy makers reviewed causal maps of the problem space to overlay existing knowledge, identify gaps, and prioritise issues


Developed the technology strategy for a global identity intelligence data company.

'Customers may be right, but the stakeholders are always left – the importance of stakeholder engagement’ published in Expert Witness Magazine


Following criticism from the National Audit Office, a major government department needed to demonstrate how it takes cost into consideration when making decisions on the transport of supplies and materials in time-sensitive situations. We developed a tool to allow desk-level decision makers to trade-off options and capture their decision making


Facilitated the future strategy workshops for two charities (Missing People and Street Child United) and a leading digital media company. ‘Systems architectural and dynamics analysis to ensure resilience of utilities…’ published in the IET Infrastructure Risk and Resilience Special Interest Publication ‘Managing Complexity and Uncertainty in Developing Cities’


Conducted a study for the Royal Navy to understand the drivers of energy usage, and to inform decisions related to the ‘Green Ship Project’. Working with Northampton County Council developed a planning tool under the 'Mass Shelter Capability' Project (funded by the EU)


Developed a methodology and toolset for a leading science and technology laboratory, to help prioritise research. The approach combines a causal map of their research areas, workshops with stakeholder to create hypotheses on the potential areas of impact, and a model based on social network analysis techniques to prioritise research on the basis of the criticality and scope of potential impact


Roll-out of an offering developed to help charities and social enterprises leverage the techniques that corporates use to stay competitive, in order to build their pipeline of stories, supporters and successes

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