Large organisations have lots of options when dealing with the storms of the economic cycle and increased competition. They can bring in advisors or consultants, implement change, or recruit new people.

Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) have to rely on their own capabilities. So, we have developed an ‘Advanced Business Building’ programme, containing 6 masterclasses (which can be taken together or individually) to build the capability of SMEs to focus their resources, win new business, innovate and grow.

Sign up to one of our masterclasses listed below by contacting us on 020 3137 3871 or for more information:

 Advanced Business Building: Winning Blue-Chip Clients

 Advanced Business Building: Understanding Your Industry

 Advanced Business Building: Spotting the Best Opportunities

• Advanced Business Building: Standing Out From Competitors

• Advanced Business Building: Exploiting Innovation

Advanced Business Building: Leveraging Your History

Check out our introductory videos to give you further insight into the workshops available.

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