Yonni Zevi

AI Associate

Yonni has been programming since 1987. After serving as an officer in the Israeli Army, he studied Computer Science at the University of Reading graduating in 2004 with a 1st class honours. His final year project leveraged Neural Networks for the purpose of face recognition. Yonni has worked for leading investment banks including Morgan Stanley (IT and Investment Banking) and JP Morgan (Commodity Exotics & Hybrids Quantitative Development). Since 2009, Yonni has worked as an independent consultant to leading investment banks focusing on Risk and P&L. He led several high profile IT and non-IT initiatives including P&L Remediation for Equity Derivatives, Big Data for bank-wide risk, and prevented a partial business shut down at a leading Swiss investment bank. In 2015, Yonni set up a property tech start-up leveraging both Big Data analytics and AI techniques to identify property investment opportunities in the UK.

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